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Ito Maki Maki Studio

Azuki Kairo (Bean Heating Pad)

Azuki Kairo (Bean Heating Pad)

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One of our FAVORITE #functionalart pieces are our azuki (red bean) kairo (heating pad)!

The exterior is one of our colorful handwoven pices, and the interior is a fabric bag filled with Japan-grown azuki beans. The wooden buttons are handcrafted in our workshop as well!


Just remove the inner bag, microwave for 50-60 seconds, reinsert into the colorful covering, and warm up stiff, achy, or cold muscles. Works best on shoulders, neck, and stomach (we love it especially for period cramps!). The beans have a natural light fragrance, and the bag can be used over and over again. For a more natural approach, if you use a fireplace or kerosene heater, place the bean bag in a heat safe bowl a safe, but warming, distance from the heat source and slowly warm the inner bag being careful not to scorch the bag or the beans. 

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44cm x 14 cm

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