Living Slowly

Living Slowly

I've been thinking a lot lately about slow living. It's a trendy term, I know. But the ideas aren't new. The values of slow life resonate deeply with my soul, but it seems so out of place in our world. I follow a lot of homesteading and maker accounts on Instagram, and I'm inspired daily to live slowly, deliberately, beautifully.


What is slow living?


Living simply, within our means

Making more, making do with what we have

Not packing schedules full

Leaving room to enjoy small moments

Being in nature

Enjoying a book and a cup of tea

Practicing a new craft

Playing with our kids

Actually listening to music

Eating real, whole foods


It's hard to do. It's hard to do it all. I am not a slow person--I race through everything. But being mom to two kids with Down Syndrome has forced me to slow down and enjoy, no, REJOICE in the small moments. Being pregnant has forced me to physically slow my steps and take rests. Being a teacher, a weaver, a learner, a believer also encourages me to move and live slowly. There's no reason to rush. There really isn't. Life isn't a competition or a race. It's beautiful and rich.


Would you share with me your ideas? How do you live slowly? How do you celebrate life?

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